We provide excellent preventive care, including exams, cleanings, and digital x-rays. Early detection of dental problems is essential to gain optimal oral health. The American Dental Association recommends that you follow a schedule of twice yearly cleanings and exams.

  • Dental Cleanings

  • Dental Hygiene

  • Oral Cancer Screening

  • Mouthguards & Nightguards

  • Fluoride Treatment

  • Sealants


According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child should visit the dentist within six months after the presence of the first tooth or by his or her first birthday. Early oral examination aids in the detection of the initial stages of tooth decay. Early detection is also essential to maintain good oral health.

  • Children’s Dentistry


If you have ever found yourself hiding your smile, avoiding photos, or covering your mouth because you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, it may be time to consider our cosmetic smile solutions. We offer a range of services to give you the smile of your dreams.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Bonding

  • Whitening

  • Veneers


Restorative dentistry is used to restore the strength and beauty of your smile. If you’ve been suffering from pain caused by decay or other health conditions, you may benefit from restorative therapy. We offer conservative treatment solutions to preserve your natural teeth, as well as tooth replacement options.

  • Restorative Dentistry

  • Dental Implants

  • Dentures

  • Composite Fillings

  • Inlays/Onlays

  • Crowns

  • Bridges


Periodontics involves the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. At our dental office, we will gently evaluate your gums and overall oral health, and if necessary, will make recommendations for treatment.

  • Periodontics

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Frenectomy


Orthodontic treatment is used to treat all types of patients, from adults to young teens.  It is used to realign the teeth into a more natural position.  It is also used to straighten teeth and correct any imbalance in the bite.

  • Braces

  • ClearCorrect

  • Aligners

  • Retainers


Root canal therapy removes harmful bacteria from your tooth, healing infection, ending your pain and improving your health. When decay or a crack has reached the nerve of a tooth, a root canal is necessary.

  • Root Canal Therapy

  • Apicoectomy


Our team is experienced in providing oral surgery. Our philosophy to oral surgery is to provide the most comfortable care possible. We take the time to answer your questions and explain your treatment path beforehand.

  • Extraction

  • Dentoalveolar Surgery

  • Pathology

  • Dental Implant Placement

  • Crown Lengthening

  • Pocket Reduction

  • Sinus Lift

  • Bone Grafting


Sedation dentistry uses medication to help you enter a highly-relaxed state during treatment, providing a more positive dental care experience, even for patients who suffer from severe dental anxiety or dental phobia.

  • Sedation Dentistry


Office Specials

  • $200 Flawless Smile Plan which includes 2 exams, 2 basic cleanings, and 20% off all treatment

  • $150 each additional family member that signs up for the Flawless Smile Plan that same day.

  • $80 Full Dental Exam

  • Are you in Pain??? $250 and We Will Get You Out of Pain Special

  • $20 Limited Dental Exam of One Single Tooth

  • $99 Basic Dental Cleaning with X-rays

  • Sensational Smiles Whitening only $149

  • Free 6 Month Smiles Orthodontic Evaluation when you mention this ad

  • Single Implant Package beginning at $2,999!


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